Steering Racks

At Shaftec we’ve been remanufacturing steering racks since 2010 – the same year the iPad was introduced, and the App store took off…

Steering Racks

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Steering Racks from Shaftec

What is it? The steering rack is a collection of rack and pinion components enclosed in a metal casing

What does it do? The steering rack is the part of the steering system that steers the front wheels of a vehicle allowing it to change direction

Where is it found?  The steering rack is located in the front of the car.

Steering Racks

Remanufactured Steering Racks

Our premium programme of remanufactured steering racks consists of over 1400 part numbers. We remanufacture the entire programme, in-house at our industry leading facility in Birmingham, UK.

Each individual steering rack is stripped right back to the original casting and inspected to ensure that there are no defects. All Shaftec branded steering racks are then remanufactured to the original state and reassembled by hand using brand new components.

And of course, every unit is 100% factory tested beyond the capacity experienced on the vehicle.

As Standard at Shaftec:

  • Excellent availability and next day delivery
  • Backed by the highest marketing, data and cataloguing support
  • Accompanied by a 12 Months/12,000 Miles warranty.

Together, the new and remanufactured programme of Shaftec branded Steering Racks total more than 1400 references.

Steering Racks

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Full Application details for the Shaftec product range can be found on our ECAT on line catalogue. Search by VRM, Vehicle Make / Model, Part number or Product Specification.

Plus we are certified data supplier to MAM Autocat and TecDoc.

Steering Racks
Steering Racks