CV Boots

At Shaftec, our quality range of CV boots are tailor made to fit the joints of more than 300 part numbers, covering 98% of all European applications.

CV Boots

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CV Boots from Shaftec

What is it? A constant velocity boot, otherwise known as a CV boot, is a protective cover made of rubber, thermoplastic or another flexible synthetic material, that fits over certain joints in the wheels of a vehicle

What does it do? Essential to stop steering failure, it protects the joint from accumulating debris, salt or grit which would wash the grease out of the CV joint.

Tested to the extreme, all CV boots are manufactured from premium grade rubber and are highly resistant to water, salt and grit.

  • Excellent availability and next day delivery
  • Backed by the highest marketing, data and cataloguing support
  • Accompanied by a 12 Months/12,000 Miles warranty.

NOTE: Over time, even the best-quality CV boots will tear and crack. Quick replacement is essential to avoid more serious damage to the drive shaft or wheel joints.  

CV Boots

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Full Application details for the Shaftec product range can be found on our ECAT on line catalogue. Search by VRM, Vehicle Make / Model, Part number or Product Specification.

Plus we are certified data supplier to MAM Autocat and TecDoc.

CV Boots
CV Boots
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