Electric Steering

We’ve invested in the latest generation machinery and testing equipment as well as in our skill base. And our range is growing all the time, in line with market requirements.

Electric Steering

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Electric Steering Racks from Shaftec

Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems are fast replacing conventional hydraulic steering systems because they are lighter in weight, require less maintenance, offer a better response at different speeds, provide higher durability, and use less fuel.  

In line with this, being well ahead of the game, Shaftec has invested heavily in this area to be able to best serve the aftermarket as these parts come through.

All core that meets Shaftec’s strict remanufacturing criteria are stripped back to the bare bones and remanufactured using new rubber and ancillary parts. New motors are also used where needed.


Electric Power Steering Racks: in excess of over 800 part numbers

Electric Power Steering Columns: over 100 references

Electric Power Pumps: over 1400 part numbers

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Electric Steering

How Electric Power Steering Works

Electric Power Steering Rack

To provide steering assistance, an electric motor mounted to the side of the rack housing drives a ball-screw mechanism via a toothed rubber belt. The screw engages a spiral cut in the outside of the steering rack. A torque sensor attached to the pinion shaft signals a control computer when to provide assistance.

Electric Power Steering Columns

A motor is mounted on the column that provides electrical assistance (torque) according to vehicle speed and steering angle.

Electric Powered Steering Pumps

In electrical pumps, fluid travels through the hydraulic system only when the angle sensors detect steering movement. This means there isn’t a constant drag on the engine like traditional steering pumps.


This invaluable tool clears fault codes on all electric steering components. Simulates and identifies the fault in conjunction with bolt on diagnostics (TEXA). This is done at the start of the process to make sure the core unit is suitable for remanufacture and at the end of the remanufacturing process to confirm all is as it should be before the part is boxed and labelled.

It plugs into the terminals of the steering unit, providing the electricity to power up the component and retrieve any fault codes logged in the memory. This code is then cleared allowing the mechanical elements to be tested on the EPS testing rig.

Electric Steering

This state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment tests assistance, speed & angle sensors during a ‘real world’ simulation with visual readouts on the screen. Each unit has a locating position on the rig: EPS steering pumps on the left, EPS steering racks on the front and EPS steering column drives on the right. Here, they are securely located allowing the simulation to occur and test that the parts work as they should in a car being driven. Torque sensors and steering angles can be checked, fault codes stored in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) can be cleared and it can also assess the assistance the rack is giving at different speeds (as they are speed variable); providing a much clearer picture of the components ability to react to real life situations.

As many components are individually imbedded with the vehicle chassis number and unique identity this equipment allows the unit to be ‘virginised’. This allows a remanufactured component to be connected to a new vehicle and obtain its new details from the main vehicle ECU.

Simply put, this means the Shaftec unit can be fitted with a ‘plug and play’ ethos if the fault has been cleared from the main vehicle ECU prior to being fitted.

The benefits of this include a bigger range of part numbers available, speedier diagnosis of faults and massively increased in-house control.

Electric Steering

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Electric Steering
Electric Steering