In 2021 a staggering 70% of our sales at Shaftec were remanufactured products.

Remanufacturing is where our business started, and as such it’s in our blood. While we do offer new part programmes in areas that can’t be remanufactured, we firmly believe in the process as it results in components which are as good as new and perform in that way for the lifetime of the product.

It’s the way forward on so many levels:

  • Better for the environment as it utilises less energy & raw materials, and gives new life to a part which would otherwise end up in landfill
  • A more financially efficient solution
  • Often the only way to keep older vehicles on the road. An aging vehicle parc requires availability of parts long after the end of vehicle type production.

As passionate supporters of remanufacturing, we work with likeminded industry bodies to spread the word. We are a Member of The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), which is a group of nearly 1,000 member businesses engaged in the automotive and truck remanufacturing industry around the globe.

At Shaftec, it’s important to us that the industry knows the difference between a remanufactured part and a reconditioned part. 

  • A remanufactured piece goes through stringent reverse engineering and testing processes and then comes complete with the same warranty as a new part
  • A reconditioned part can simply just be given a coat of paint. Clearly, this affects the quality, safety and price of the component.

Leading the way in Electric Parts

The increasing use of electronics in automotive components represents a challenge for many.

But not for us. When it comes to the remanufacture of Electric Power Steering (EPS) products, and Electronic Parking Brakes (EPB) Shaftec leads the way.

Our growing range of Electric Powered Steering Racks & Electric Powered Steering Pumps are all remanufactured using core which is carefully checked to ensure it meets our stringent returns criteria, and then fitted as standard with new ancillary parts. New motors are also used where needed.


Plug and Play

Add to all of this, we have a stringent process of formatting the software on the EPS units so that when they are removed from the box, they are ready to ‘work’ in another vehicle. And we make this crystal clear by adding a ‘tamper’ label to the box to prove this has been done.

Reman & Return

We hold up to six months’ worth of stock, but in case we don’t have the part you need, Shaftec operates a thorough, efficient and safe ‘Reman & Return’ programme for: brake calipers, driveshafts, steering pumps and steering racks. Put simply, this means that if the used core that you return to us meets its returns criteria, Shaftec will remanufacture and return that EXACT part to you – with the same warranty as the off the shelf, aftermarket product.