Shaftec SELECT Caliper Green Buy Back Scheme

Save money while helping the environment with our new Green Buy Back scheme on Shaftec SELECT Brake Calipers.

Whenever you purchase a SELECT Caliper we will buy back the old caliper you’re replacing. Not only do you get cash for old parts, but you will be helping to increase recycling within the industry.

Every caliper returned to us under the Green Buy Back scheme will be recycled where possible, our aim is to reduce the amount of product going to landfill. Under the Green Buy Back scheme, returned calipers will be remanufactured by the team here at Shaftec or recycled through a 3rd party if it’s not possible for us to remanufacture the part in-house.

How it works


Purchase a Shaftec SELECT Caliper & return the old caliper back to Shaftec


Receive cash for the old caliper once inspected by the Shaftec team


The old caliper is remanufactured or recycled, reducing landfill & helping the environment

Green Buy Back Scheme requirements

As with our Surcharge range, the old part must be returned in the original box the new part was supplied in (it must correspond to the part supplied). The part must also be complete and suitable for remanufacturing.

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about our Green Buy Back scheme on SELECT Calipers, please complete the form below, our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    SELECT Caliper Green Buy Back Scheme